Chapter 8
Her Untold Story,
A Life Destroyed
In 1998 I was
convicted of
stalking Olympic
gymnast Shannon
Miller.  I was
convicted despite
the fact that the
accuser recanted
the entire story to
the police on the
stand, under oath.
She contradicted
the police report
nearly completely.
Either they lied or
Shannon Miller
lied. Not only were
the claims taken
back during the
trial but in a
hearing five months
beforehand and yet
I was forced to go
to trial.  None of
that information
was given out by
the media. Instead
police looking to
get their names in
the newspapers
and a District
Attorney anxious
for publicity due to
an upcoming
election all took
advantage. Not to
mention a jealous
boyfriend who
started the whole
thing to begin with
made matters
worse. The media
went insane, I got
slammed left and
right. They made
me to be an
obsessed psycho
despite powerful
evidence to the
contrary including
proof of just plain
being a massive
sports fan and an
extensive report
from one of the
country's top
psychiatrists who
even can count the
United States
Secret Service as a
client. I can't lead a
normal life. With
the media and the
legal system I just
couldn't stand up
to a celebrity,
especially in a state
that treats this
particular celebrity
like a deity. All of
this is because I
was nice to
Shannon Miller enjoying
being a celebrity. Happy as
can be.
Me, not so enjoying Shannon
Miller's celebrity after being
clobbered by a cop who knew who
I was long after the trial.  I didn't
get any points on my license but I
got some marks on my face!  I
don't want to think what would've
happened if I hadn't been polite!
Click below for a picture of a
similar "incident" from just after
the trial.
All of this, except for a bit of editing, is what I was thinking during the entire ordeal.
Please read the entire thing, I did my best to tell the entire story and the parts truly
damning to Shannon Miller and support me are not in every chapter. It's far more bitter in
many ways, far more fearful, and far more forgiving in many ways as well but I felt it was
best to give people the impression of what happened when it happened.  Shannon Miller
has changed the story so dramatically I don't even recognize it. She wanted the publicity
and altered the story causing extreme damage to my life and the media ate it up. I just
want to say one more thing before you get into this, she claims constantly that she didn't
want me to go jail and that she pushed for therapy.  She never said a word to the court
about anything like that. I was in therapy but for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to
what she did to me, not in any way court ordered, but I've long since quit so she can't use
it against me. I don't think she would have cared if I went to jail for the rest of my life so
long as her reputation was protected.  Okay, that's my rant. Read and judge me as you
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Hate Mail
These writings are compiled from, well, what I used to call a journal but were really a
bunch of scribbles on legal pads during the ordeal that I put together as one piece of
writing after the trial.  Make your own decisions. click on Chapter 1, go from there, and
decide for yourself.  You really need to read the whole story to find out the truth and that
was because I didn't  hide anything.  
Copyright "Reverse Victim" (the book presented
here), Joseph Vogt, 1999.  Everything else
copyright 2007.
These are three of the TV
segments where publicity was
being sought.  Keep in mind this is
the media portrayal, read the above
chapters for the whole thing.
The DA takes advantage first

Shannon's first shot at it

Using me for her engagement
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