Well, there you have it.  That's the core of the story.  There's much
more to tell but I wanted to keep to the transcripts as best as I could.  
The picture on the home page is no joke.  I've been hit by cops over
this on a number of occasions and attacked by crazy fans on other
occasions that I didn't mention here. I have found it in me to forgive
her for the lying resulting in the arrest and the actual trial, even though
it was terrible behavior unworthy of forgiveness, as those involved
representing the law, and a jealous boyfriend, were in her ear and most
likely terrifying her turning me into the monster in her eyes that they
wanted her to see me as that she didn't view me as beforehand.  But I
still haven't found it in myself to get past her intentional damage through
the media inflicted upon myself, my family, and my friends. Hopefully I
will.  This website, however, is meant to bring to light just what
actually happens beyond what law enforcement and the media would
have you believe and what the end results can actually be.

I'm quite often asked about Shannon Miller's divorce from Chris Phillips
and his claims that she committed adultery and tried to accuse him of
abusing prescription drugs and if I feel vindicated.  No, why should I?
It doesn't fix what happened, why should I even care? It didn't exactly
surprise me though!  I do find her new marriage strange. The guy she
married was actually doing what I was accused of! He saw her and
purposely started flying up to the northeast from Florida to be at the
same places she was, setting things up so she had to sit next to him at
events, getting her e-mail from a publicist, on and on.  Compare it to
what I was accused of and the only difference is that I was a college
student and he's the president of a family publishing company and a
GOP fundraiser. So, she married a stalker only a rich one!  I find it
hysterical actually and laughed like anything when I was sent the story
by a friend.  

While my life is in good order I lost a big chunk of it, things that most
people take for granted. A good night's sleep is one. I'm very career
oriented as I know that's all I have. Even when I'm finished for the day
and I'm relaxing my reading material focuses on my work. Fortunately
it has me going all over so I generally don't stay all that long in one
spot.  I have nothing else now but my career. I avoid dating, I've
passed over some great opportunities because of my PTSD. Oh, I get
brave every now and then and think I'll be able to get passed it but I
always lose out to the trauma. I'll never have a family so I engross
myself in my work. Nobody to share things with. All my friends are
now married and I'm shoved off to the side, which I understand. That's
how it works and I'm happy for all of them.  Simple things are what I
wanted.  If you have a family and you have read this go and hug them,
let them know how important they are to you and how much you love
them.  That's something I most likely will never know. If I never met
Shannon Miller my life would be completely different. I hope you all
have long and happy lives.

Joseph Vogt (pronounced Vohkt, like invoked, revoked, or provoked)
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